Why Subliminator?

We’re Subliminator: A Print-on-Demand Company. And this is Our Story.

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September 24, 2020

Hi! We’re Subliminator: A Print-on-Demand Company. And this is our story.

For more than 2 years now, we’ve been helping e-commerce merchants create some amazing brands by providing high quality all-over print products.

We’re growing as a business. But more importantly, our community is growing as well.

We’ve redesigned our website. Alongside it, our blog.

And we’ve decided to kick things off here by letting you in on our story.

Our Story

Our Founder

A designer by trade, our founder Hicham Amrani made the rounds in Europe, serving different roles and under numerous capacities. For over a decade, various clothing brands had him directing fashion design or leading product management for them.

But like any business leader with an entrepreneurial drive, Hicham eventually ventured away from corporate.

In 2015, after all those years designing products for other firms, he set into motion what would become the first iteration of his very own print-on-demand journey.

Learning all he could about the industry. Devouring as much content as possible about on-demand production. Seeking out all sources of information on design, and printing. Hicham made sure no time was wasted.

He came up with his very first series of t-shirt designs and sold them online. Through tireless perseverance, RedBull-induced late nights, he acquired skills in digital marketing and went on to target his customers through Facebook Advertising with hopes of making his first sales.

It wasn’t all wins. These times certainly were tough and challenging.

However, the knowledge and experience he gained specifically in the business of print-on-demand and how it all ties into the whole e-commerce ecosystem have proven invaluable.

Despite preliminary successes (selling more than he lost), his thirst for growth can not and did not go away at this time. He knew there was a lot more that could be done. Perhaps he recognised that the print-on-demand industry, having existed now for several years, was ripe for disruption.

The “aha” moment quickly had him sending out emails to leading companies and industry leaders and movers. He had tons of ideas for new products and features and he wanted to collaborate to get them out to the world.

But no one was interested to help out. No one saw his dream. The big players were too caught up with their own operations that they didn’t seem to comprehend that there was still so much potential especially in how the industry might continue to help small to medium e-commerce players.

It was at this point that he decided to move forward despite the resistance.

The Birth of Subliminator + Early Growth

Subliminator, in its current form, was founded in July 2018. With possibly the tightest of budgets and the smallest of teams, we embarked on what we knew was otherwise destined for the long term.

Today, two plus years into it, our incredible customers have allowed us to produce and deliver quality products at great prices to entrepreneurs and end-customers in over 120 countries.

Our four initial products then grew to the 16 categories we have now. We’re even looking to add up to 10 more categories through the end of 2021 thanks to the wonderful suggestions from our community.

And we’re constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to make each step of creating your brand as simple as possible. We’re still growing, and learning along the way,

Everything Points to a Bright Future Ahead

Throughout this whole time, we've never compromised on quality or price. In fact, we've efficiently managed an error rate of less than <1%.

Everyone is important to us; whether you're a start-up or a large scale company, we're loyal to you guys.

We're busy working behind the scenes while your brand succeeds.

We mentioned earlier that we have redesigned the website. And, well, the fact of the matter is, you’re reading this on the newly launched blog. We hope you like the design!

But these are not the only things we’re cooking up for our community or clients.

We’re also updating our website documentation and help files. All intended to help grow your existing business or find you newer bigger opportunities in e-commerce.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as we regularly feed you with product and blog updates. If you’re already part of our mailing list, that’s good, you’ll also be the first to know about some cool new tools and features we’re working on.